Saturday, January 2, 2010

No Repeats for 2010

I have an obsession. I pull recipes out of magazines. Everywhere I go. I buy cookbooks. Everywhere I go.

I stalk recipe websites. This is the result of all that stalking and pulling. Have I actually cooked anything from this pile? Nope.

So here's my challenge. No repeats until I work my way thru all the folders and cookbooks. That's right. Different dinner every night. Well, at least every night that I cook. With little creatures in the house, we will be eating chicken nuggets and PB&J more than once in 2010 but the nights that I actually COOK A MEAL will be no repeats. I wonder how long I can go?!?

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Mommy Brain said...

Good luck with this challenge. This is your own Julie and Julia experiment.